Custom Jewellery Terms & Conditions

A deposit of RM3,000 is required to start the design process for your ideas/mock-ups.

All custom pieces designed or handmade by Tina Winness Jewellery require an approval of an estimate given, and a RM3,000 deposit. With this deposit, the client agrees start production of the custom piece. The remaining balance will be charged upon completion of the piece and approval from the client. Written approval of receipt and satisfaction will be required upon receiving the piece. Jewellery will be shipped after receiving the final balance, or you may collect your ring at our showroom.

Tell us your personal references of styles, stories, memories, emotional messages, inspirations, design ideas, design drafts if any, pictures. Size and stones which you would like, metal type. Basically, have in mind some ideas and your deadlines and a rough amount you’re looking to spend. Write to us at or call +60 129198094

After receiving your design requirements and deposit, our award-winning designer will draft a design within 5-10 days and provide a quote estimate. An initial payment of 50% of the agreed upon quote is then required.

Once your initial payment is confirmed, the design is considered approved. Our designer will then work personally with you to advise on your design requirements, and provide 3D renders to further visualise and refine your design.

After we finish the design, we will send you the final visualisations confirmation. At this stage we can still make 2-3 adjustments until you are satisfied.

Further design adjustments will take more time accordingly, we will advise you of the timeline depending on the complexity of your design.

Once we have the all the design and production planned out, the production can take between 1-4 weeks, again depending on the design.

Further design adjustments will take more time accordingly, we will advise you of the timeline depending on the complexity of your design.

When your jewellery is done, the balance 50% of the quotation, minus the RM3,000 deposit will be required upon collection. Enjoy your one – of – a – kind, bespoke jewellery!
If you do not wish to proceed with production, RM1,500 will be deducted from th e deposit . If you wish to cancel an order after production begins , please note that the deposit and 50% production quotation is non – refundable
Please note that custom designed and bespoke design pieces are non-returnable and non- exchangeable

If a client would like to use a pre-owned stone, they must first fill out our stone intake form, send photos of the stones (or schedule an in-person meeting with Tina Winness consultant), and provide detailed information about stone type, carat weight, any certifications (GIA, etc) and current mounting. Stone requests are approved on a case by case basis, and an additional fee will be charged (price determined with client depending on the stone).

The client agrees that there is reasonable risk involved in removing stones from mountings and resetting stones. It is the responsibility of Tina Winness Jewellery to assess any risk regarding your stone, and advise the client on any foreseeable issues before moving forward with stone resetting. By providing consent for Tina Winness Jewellery to reset a pre-existing gemstone, the customer holds harmless Tina Winness Jewellery against any stone damage due to stone flaws or existing stone cracks, chipping, flaws, or inclusions. We reserve the right not to accept any stones which we feel are at high risk of being damaged.

If a client chooses to use their own stones and ships them directly to Tina Winness Jewellery, the customer will select its own shipping carrier, negotiate rates, shipping terms, and remit payment directly to the shipping provider. The customer will be encouraged to purchase shipping insurance, and understands that Tina Winness Jewellery will not purchase shipping insurance on the customer’s behalf. The customer assumes all liability associated with this shipment, and hereby holds harmless Tina Winness Jewellery and all of their deemed agents against any claims for loss or damage. Any claims that need to be made for lost or damaged shipments will by the customer’s responsibility.

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