Resize and Refurbishment Services

We offer resizing and refurbishment services for most Tina Winness products. Our services include:

  • Jewellery full refurbishment & repairing
  • Resizing, polishing, cleaning & re-plating
  • Diamond / gemstone setting
  • Bracelet/Necklace length alteration
  • Engraving
  • Removing or replacing stones
  • Certification and Sourcing services


Tina Winness Client Price (MYR)
Non-client Price (MYR)
ResizingRM 200.00RM 250.00
Resizing above 3 sizesRM 300.00RM 350.00
Bracelet or necklace length alterationRM 300.00RM 250.00
Earrings cleaning & re-platingRM 230.00RM 320.00
Pendants cleaning & re-platingRM 150.00RM 200.00
EngravingRM 100.00RM 120.00
Certification and SourcingUpon requestUpon request
Stone removal/replacementPlease enquirePlease enquire

Ring Resize Advice

We can either increase or decrease the size of your ring, to make it a perfect fit.

The maximum increase or decrease in size is generally around 4mm. Please note some designs may not be resizable

How It Works?

Form Application

How long does it usually take?

  • Most services take between 5-7 working days, however, this will vary depending on the jewellery design itself and how much work is required.

How much does resizing cost?

  • Your first resize (within three sizes) is free of charge within 90 days of purchase. After this, the pricing above applies.

Receive your freshly restored piece

  • We’ll send you back your piece good as new, ready to wear and enjoy for a long time to come.
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