A step by step guide to purchase our engagement ring

At Tina Winness we will guide you on the process to buy an engagement ring and how to match it with the diamond you desire!

Below are few steps you can follow to ensure you pick the right ring.

Step 1: Be familiar

Browse through our website www.tinawinness.com and check out the engagement rings, the designs and the diamonds to be familiar with it qualities, prices and designs.


Step 2: Set your Price Range

The most important thing when buying a ring is to get the best price with equal quality of what you’re paying.  You can browse our website (customize your own engagement ring and add the diamond of your own choice) to get the estimated diamond ring price.

Step 2: Choose a Diamond

To ease your journey to find the perfect diamond, you can use the filter on the page by simply

i. select the shape of the diamond

ii. move the bar to set/select the cut,carat,color,clarity, symmetry, polish and fluoresence of the diamond.

Once you have done with selecting the attribute of the diamond on the filter, kindly wait for awhile to allow the result to load.  A list of related diamond will be shown shortly after. 

Step 3: Choose a Setting

Once you have confirmed your diamond, now it’s time to choose your engagement ring. For  ring setting  you will only need to choose the ring metal and setting size.

Choosing the metal is as important as picking your diamond because it is likely that the ring will be worn every day. Whether or not you want it with a 18K white, 18K yellow or 18k rose gold metal, it is based on what you and your significant other desires.

Step 4: Review Your Engagement Ring

Get a complete preview at your chosen engagement ring and diamond. If you believe it is a perfect match, you can proceed adding it to cart by clicking the “add this to cart” button to  continue with add your engagement ring to the cart.

Check Out Process

Once you have done shopping, one last step is to checkout your ring and diamond on your cart. Follow step below to complete your purchase

Step 1: Shopping Cart

Before proceed to payment, make sure to recheck your cart item list. Ensure that the product details are correct.

*If you have any valid coupon code, insert the coupon code and click on apply coupon.

Once all the details are confirmed, then only click on “proceed to checkout” button.

Step 2: Checkout Details

Fill up the billing details for shipping purpose and choose the payment method for your order.
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